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How Good Are You at Verb Choices?

3 years ago

1. Despite _____________ ill, he attended the meeting.
A he was feeling
B he felt
C feeling

2. I did the wrong thing. I wish I _______________ my mother's advice.
A didn't take
B would have taken
C had taken

3. I'd prefer ________________ smoke.
A you do not
B you to not
C if you didn't

4. He won't lend you his car unless you ____________ it.
A insure
B will insure
C have insured

5. I'd rather ____________ on Monday after lunch.
A you to come
B you came
C you would come

6. It was the most difficult experience I ____________.
A have ever had
B might ever have
C had ever had

7. Although I have a good job, I regret ____________ college.
A to not finish
B not finishing
C I didn't finish

8. Without the money he got from his father, Tom ____________ his business.
A wouldn't start
B couldn't start
C couldn't have started

Any of these give you trouble? Let me know!