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How good is your English vocabulary?

3 年前
Students: test your vocabulary skills here....

1.  The show was long and uninteresting so I was __________
  A.  tired   B.  bored   C.  boring D. aroused

2.  After a hard day's work, Tom is always _________
  A.  nervous   B.  harassed   C.  exhausted D. drunk

3.  If you are discharged, you leave the __________
  A.  hospital   B.  prison   C. wife D. train

4.  To resume negotiations means to:

  A.  summarize the main points   B. reach an agreement   C. make a new offer  
D. start again after a break

5.  "Could you fill me in please?" means:
A.  could you bring me some food   B.  could you give me information I don't have  
C.  could you replace me D. could you repair a tooth cavity