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How has traveling changed you or your perspective of the world?

5 years ago
My first trip out of my home country was when I was 19 years old. I was a full-time student, living in an apartment near campus and working at a restaurant at night, waiting tables. I saved all the money I could after my bills were paid so I could go on a humanitarian trip to Ethiopia and learn about orphan care. I can honestly say, that trip changed my whole life and since then I have travelled to over 20 countries, 75 major cities and have been involved in countless different sustainable/humanitarian projects! That first trip was the one that changed my perspective of what I wanted in life. Since then, traveling, education and learning about sustainability has been my biggest passions. Through experiencing and living amoung different cultures I have had the opportunity to become more broadminded and have fallen unbelievably in love with the beauty of this world and the people in it. That is how traveling has impacted me! What about you?

Here are some questions, you can answer as many as you wish.:

How has traveling impacted you?
What inspired you to learn another language?
Where was the first place you travelled to? What was your experience?
Do you think traveling is important? Why/Why not?

Thanks for reading!