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How much time I need to understand Russian language?

4 years ago
Starting learning any foreign language, a single question arises in a person’s head: “How much time do I need to understand it?” Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give a simple answer to this question. It depends on how much time and effort you will devote to learning the language. Here are some tips to accelerate the study of the Russian language:

  • The first and it seems to me the most important thing you need to do is to understand why you decided to study the Russian language. Understanding the purpose of learning a language won’t allow you to stop halfway;

  • The language should begin as a native language – with sensations! Think about what associations and feelings the Russian language cause in you. Observe your sensations while learning this language;

  • On my opinion, in order to learn any language, it is necessary to study every day for at least 20-30 minutes. In addition, you need to learn to think in Russian. For example, you walk around the city, look around and call everything you see with Russian names. Or go around the house and pronounce the names of all objects aloud in Russian. Further, you can try not only to name, but also to describe those objects. Thus, you will not only remember words, improve pronunciation, but also you will work on grammar;

  • You must learn to live this language. I.e. language should not be just something you learn, it should be a part of your life. You must breathe it, feel it, taste it;

  • Gradually it is necessary to get acquainted with the history of Russia, with its culture. This will help to understand the mentality of Russians and accelerate language learning;

  • Expand your vocabulary! Read more in Russian, try to do it out loud. You can read anything: books, articles, short stories, etc., most importantly, it should be a Russian text;

  • Read adapted texts in Russian language. Thus, you will understand where to put emphasis in words and will memorize words with correct stress;

  • Listen to Russian music, try to understand the words, try to sing along. ;)

  • Watch Russian films, music videos. Start with films with Russian subtitles, gradually try to watch movies without subtitles;

  • We live in the 21st century, the Internet age. The borders have been erased; now, in order to communicate with a native speaker, it’s not necessary to go to Russia. Start communication with a Russian-speaking person, you won’t even notice how quickly your Russian will improve! ;)

  • And most importantly, never give up! Always go ahead! I like one very good saying: «Even if you are very talented and make all possible efforts some results simply need time; you will not get a baby in a month, even if you make pregnant 9 women» Quote by Warren Buffett.
At such a pace, already in a few months you will see the result. Good Luck!
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