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Russian NUMBERS | How to Ask: How Old Are You? in Russian

2 months ago

How do You Ask "How old are you?" in Russian?

Actually, the Russian question rather means "How many years are you given?":

СкОлько тебЕ лет?
СкОлько Вам лет?

To be even more precise, the word "лет" comes from "лЕто" = summer. So, you're basically asking: "How many years are you given?"

The word "скОлько" means "how many / how much", and, just like in English, you can use it to ask how much something costs.

To hear the correct pronunciation, check out this video below!
You'll also find out how you can answer this question, and the answers will slightly differ depending on your age:

In case you need to know how to say a specific number, kindly refer to this lesson:

At the end of the video, you'll see an excerpt to illustrate the topic.
It's a bit from the "12 Chairs" (1971), a movie based on a famous book of the same title, written in 1928 by Ilya Ilf & Yevgeni Petrov.

You can watch the movie in full over here