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How to get motivated to improve your vocabulary (Persian /English)

5 years ago
In my recent book which is available on Amazon, I have proposed and explained various techniques and strategies to improve your vocabulary through motivation techniques. Achievement motivation is definitely one of the most significant learner characteristics that determine the accomplishment and progress of language learning. The present book addresses the role of the achievement motivation in language learning, motives associated with the psychological aspect of the language learning, the language learner, and the situational learning. The book discusses and dissects a comprehensive research conducted by the author on the effect of the achievement motivation on learning the vocabulary of the language. It investigates the most leading developments and the most significant research directions in the field. Also, offers strategic techniques to language learners to keep themselves motivated when learning vocabulary. You can find my book and read it online at: https://www.amazon.com/Makes-Motivated-Learn-Vocabulary-Language/dp/3330048204

If your are interested in learning the main difefrences between Persian and English, I would refer you to my recent publishe articles at: https://sdsu.academia.edu/Miladsadeghi

How do you Motivate yourself when you feel bored of learning a language?

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