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How to motivate students when it comes to learning English? How to make them feel confident with their pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills?

5 years ago
Students are pretty aware of their level of pronunciation when they talk English. There are times they are sure about pronouncing a specific word, but sometimes they are not. In fact, they can drill words by putting the stress on the wrong vowel, as in “chAracter” which is usually pronounced as "charActer". They're also influenced by American and British English.
What I've noticed is that students tend to pronounce, or even, use the American accent most of the time - which is not wrong as long as they can stress words correctly.
Probably it is due to the fact American music, or films, have had a profound effect all over the world.

Speaking of music and films, you can use your creativity as a key to get students motivated in learning English. I consider it as an inventive and stimulating tool for learners, as they start practising the language with passion through authentic materials, leaving all the negative sides behind, as they go through role-plays, games, activities and more. That is one of the factors that makes them willing to keep learning.
I started teaching English about five years ago. At the very beginning, I did not know all the techniques that I have been taught throughout the years, but my first experiences definitely got me into the teaching field and made me realise how important is to have students on the same track in terms of motivation.

The impact might not be a big issue as long as they are also allowed to show their qualities, express their interests through the lesson.
The first impact they have might be how a class is structured. Not to mention the willingness of tutors which absolutely influences students' state of mind.
Are you able to plan a lesson into logical stages and procedures, engage students with visuals to lead-into topic, give clear feedback, express lesson aims in a clear way? If you do, students will fall in love with you and your lessons! Setting up activities, conveying meaning and listening stages is also effective as well as writing stages.
In conclusion, I have presented a reflective article about students' point of view on the impact of learning a language and some tips to help teachers plan their lessons in a better way.

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