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How to speak like a Native Korean! it's easier than you think! 자연스러운 한국어

2 months ago
This is how Korean grammatical order looks like. I study :
(나)는 (공부해)요
(S) (V)
Jeff likes me :
(제프)가 (저)를 (좋아해)요
(S) (O) (V)
Minji is Pretty :
(민지)는 (예쁘다)
(S) (A)
I Love you very much :
(나)는 (너)를 (많이) (사랑해)
(S) (O) (A) (V) But if you make a full sentence like these on top in use, because the subject and object are obvious, it might sound very stiff, unnatural, and sounds just like a textbook. so in use, when the subject and object are obvious we can remove them! for example,
(나는) (너를) 사랑해
(I) Love (you)
(나는) 공부해
(I) Study
(나는) 일해
(I) Work
(너는) 미쳤어
(You are) Crazy
(나는) 제프를 좋아해요
(I) Like Jeff

It's easy, right?