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bir ay önce
We all know idioms - they may be tough to use at first, but once memorized, they're very helpful, and easy to use right away! Here are some English idioms that you can use in many everyday interactions. Some are particularly relevant because they have been produced by recent movements in popular culture!

Hot take (noun): a commentary or narrative (usually about something in pop-culture) that is used to create discussion and attract attention
  • Did you watch the Ellen Degeneres show? She gave some hot takes on the new Avengers movie!
Over it (adverb): to be frustrated or overwhelmed by something or someone's behavior/disinterested and completely unengaged. This is the RESULT of "get over it"!
  • I used to love running but more recently I have just been bored - I'm over it.
  • John has been over it all week - he has not done anything at work.
Fish out of water (noun): to be or feel out of place
  • I felt like a fish out of water as a writer at the video convention!
Sleep on it (verb): to take time to carefully think about something
  • I might need to quit my job to go back to school, but I am going to sleep on it.
  • She needs to sleep on it, she does not want to make a decision too quickly.
Hang in there (verb): to be patient and calm in difficult times
  • I know this project has been tough but hang in there, we're almost done!
  • Jane was badly hurt in the accident but she is hanging in there.
Comment below which of these idioms you might be using soon, or any others you know that we should share here!


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