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INTERMEDIATE+ Reading and Listening practice - Robinson Crusoe Chapter Two

5 anos atrás

Robinson Crusoe - Chapter Two

Reading available here: http://robinsoncrusoe2.newsinlevels.com/chapter-2/

Listen to the audio and answer the following questions:

  1. How did Robinson Crusoe's feel on the first night of his adventure?
  2. What happened on the second night?
  3. Where did Robinson Crusoe hide during the big storm?
  4. Why did they fire a gun into the air?

Write in the comments:

In Australia sometimes we have very big storms that cause big fires! I remember when I was young I was camping with my family and then a big fire started near our camp site. We had to leave the campsite immediately because it was very dangerous, luckily the fire brigade responded quickly and in 3 days they managed to control the fire.
What about you, do you have any stories about wild weather?

For Chapter Three go here: https://www.verbling.com/discussion/intermediate-reading-and-listening-practice-robinson-crusoe--1
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If this was too easy for you you can try level 3 here: