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INTERMEDIATE+ Reading and Listening practice - Robinson Crusoe Chapter Four

2 years ago

Robinson Crusoe - Chapter Four

For CHAPTER ONE go here:


Reading available here: http://robinsoncrusoe2.newsinlevels.com/chapter-4/

Listen to the audio and answer the following questions:

  1. Where did Robinson Crusoe go and why?
  2. What happened to his friend the captain?
  3. Who attacked their ship?

Write in the comments:

Nowadays you you can fly anywhere in the world in less then 24 hours. On a ship it would take many months to get from one place to another, what do you think life would be like on a ship for 3 months?

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If this was too easy for you you can try level 3 here: http://robinsoncrusoe.newsinlevels.com/chapter-1/