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New Feature: Demo Lessons

5 years ago
Verbling is happy to present Demo Lessons - a new feature that will allow all students to explore the Verbling Video lesson area.

You will now see a lesson listed at the top of your Verbling Dashboard labeled 'Demo'. Clicking this lesson box will launch our lesson area and take you through an interactive tour of all of our lesson features. These include:

  • How to set up your camera and microphone
  • How to join a lesson
  • How to Chat and create Flashcards
  • How to upload PDFs and other lesson materials
  • How to create shared Textpads with your teacher

Can I take the Demo Lesson more than once?

If you have already completed the Demo Lesson once, you can go through it again as many times as you like. It will always appear in the 'Quick Links' section of your Dashboard.

Can I remove the Demo Lesson from my Dashboard?

If you would like to remove the Demo Lesson box from your Dashboard, you can either a) complete the demo lesson interactive tour one time so that it is automatically removed or b) click 'Skip' next to the 'Complete a demo lesson' item in your 'Complete Your Profile' item list.

We hope that this interactive tour will help you to become more familiar with the Verbling Video lesson features!

Thank you,
The Verbling Team
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South Korea
1:52 AM (GMT+09:00)