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Is it possible to write poetry in a second language?

5 years ago
Hello everyone,
2 years ago I was introduced to poetry in the way of a famous Portuguese poet called Fernando Pessoa, who completely turned my life upside down The whole experience has changed me forever, I never imagined a parallel universe could really exist, but it does.
However, to know this other world you need to understand and be familiar with the intricacies of the language to be able to either read, or write a poem, usually only seen in native speakers.
What I discovered though, is that if the poem does not rhyme, then it is possible to write the occasional poem that works well in both languages, but it is rare, I think.
Another way that works in the classroom is -
1. Choosing a topic. Christmas, for example.
2. Brainstorming words. merry, berry, fun, sun, snow, glow etc
3. Invent a 4 line poem and show the students how easy it is.
The day was merry
And full of fun.
We played in the snow
And smiled at the sun.
4. Let the students experiment and make their own rhyming poems.
This is such a rewarding lesson because students feel they have achieved the impossible.
What do you think? You know where I am if you want to give it a try.
thanks for reading
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