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Is there a way for students to book 30 minutes lessons?

6 years ago
Dear All,

I teach Italian here on Verbling and one of my students asked if she could book 30 minutes lessons, instead of 1 hr lessons. Does anybody know if it's possible here on Verbling and how it can be done?

Yesterday, I wrote Verbling customer support, but I haven't received an answer yet, maybe because it's the week-end...

Thank you very much for your help!


**** UPDATE ****

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to post a little update as today I received a reply from customer service.
They said there is a way to change individual rates for students, so if a student wants to do only 30 minutes, you can set their individual rates for half the usual price. Here is the link that explains how to do it:


Hope that helps, have a wonderful week!
Take care,