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Job Interviewing: A template and exercise for creating a professional profile in English

5 years ago
How do you feel when you think about having an interview in English? Are you nervous, excited, unsure, or confident?

Many of my students, from different countries, have told me that they are afraid that the interviewer will ask them a question that they do not have the vocabulary to answer correctly. Or that they will not understand the questions. Those are really valid concerns. As a result, I designed a simple template for my students to create a professional profile in English and practice general questions that may be asked during the interview. During our lessons, we get into specific details related to their educational and professional background and the position they are applying for.

I have received really positive feedback about the template and would like to share it here:

English with Michelle
Creating a Professional Profile
Part One:
Directions: Write the correct question word on the lines below explaining your job history.
1. __________ long have you had this job?
2. __________ did you work before?
3. __________ is your current job title?
4. __________ did you leave your last job?
5. __________ are your strengths and weaknesses?
6. ___________ kind of work environment do you prefer?
7. ___________ was your job title at your last job?
8. ___________ service do you currently provide?
9. ___________ many people do you currently manage?
10. ___________ project are you working on now?
Part Two:
Directions: In this part, answer the questions above about your work history. These answers will create your professional profile.
1. __________________________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________________________________
6. __________________________________________________________________________________
7. __________________________________________________________________________________
8. __________________________________________________________________________________
9. __________________________________________________________________________________
10. ________________________________________________________________________________
Part Three:
Directions: During our lessons, we will review your answers, making sure to use relevant industry vocabulary and phrases, and create a one-paragraph summary of your professional profile. We will also do a role-play to prepare you for an interview in English.

I would be happy to provide information or resources on this topic. Please drop me a line and schedule a lesson.

Have a Fabulous day!