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Koreans don't say "I would like to buy sth and sth" to a shop clerk when they buy stuff at the shop.

7 months ago
I saw a foreigner buying apples and bananas at a fruit store.I heard him say in Korean " I would like to buy apples and bananas 나는 사과와 바나나를 사고 싶습니" to a shop clerk. He must have been a polite person. Unfortunately, I have lived in Korea for decades, but I have never said that before.What do Koreans say to a shop clerk when they buy apples and bananas? 사과와 바나나 주세요. if you do a literal translation Give apples and bananas.

What if you want to buy two adult train tickets to Seoul at the Busan train station? 서울 어른 두장 주세요. Seoul adults two give. Simple and easy right?