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land was cleared of/out of/from

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I started having doubts about this question. What do you think is correct and most importanly why the other options are wrong?

Thank you!

Lynx is thought to have gone by the 10th Century, in England at least. It is thought that the Neolithic settlers mingling with peoples already present or taking over, came from the continent and brought their own animals; cattle, domesticated dogs and cats, pigs and also goats with them and built the wooden stockades to protect them.
In Saxon England land was cleared (27) ____ the forest and a large communal area was used for farming; this was divided into strips called furrows. However by Medieval times the rich landlords had claimed a lot of land and planted hedges to mark their boundaries. This may have meant farming was easier, but for the poor it meant they were beggared and starving…
27 A to B of C out of D from