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Learn English through Philosophy

a year ago

English through Philosophy


Learning English through other subjects is a form of CLIL, which stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. By combining the study of language with the study of another interesting topic area, you can effectively learn two subjects for the price of one! As both a philosophy graduate and a highly quailed English teacher, I offer English with Philosophy classes to suit your personal interests and preferences.


Philosophy asks the questions that matter most. It challenges your assumptions and examines life’s ultimate questions: ‘Who am I?’, ‘How should I live my life?’. From ethics to metaphysics, philosophy provides the tools to think logically and critically about the true nature of life.

Our philosophy course covers a wide of philosophical topics including both Continental and Anglo-American schools of philosophy. Topics we cover include: ancient philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, ontology, ethics, existentialism, philosophy of religion, logic, philosophy of mind, as well as any other philosophical field of interest.

Our philosophical journey doesn’t stop there with philosophers and theories, we also focus on the key transferable skills, that will help you in every conceivable aspect of life. Philosophy provides a frame for how to view the world, live your own lives and think for yourself critically.


  • What is Philosophy?
  • Big Philosophical Ideas
  • Metaphysics, Epistemology & Theories of Knowledge
  • Philosophy of Mind & Action
  • Philosophy of History
  • Ethics & Ethical Systems
Interested? Just send me a private message with your questions or preferred topic options!