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Learn some common phrases used in American English! Have a question about a phrase...post it here!

4 years ago
Americans love to use phrases, when speaking English! Of course, this can create confusion for English language learners, but mastering some simple phrases, can really advance your level in spoken English! Please share some phrases in the comments that you love to use! If you have questions about a phrase you have heard, share it in the comments, I will help you understand!

Here are a few I use myself:
1. Bored to death- Do you ever feel so incredibly bored, you want to die (not literally- of course). Use this phrase to express your total boredom! Here is an example:
"I have nothing to do, I’m bored to death."

2. The other way around- Did someone mix up some information? Use this phrase to mean that information is the opposite or backwards. Here is an example:
“So you invited Karen to your party?”
“No, the other way around - she invited me to her party.”

3. Same here- If you totally agree with what someone has just said, this is a perfect phrase to use! See the example below:
“I think winter is the worst season.”
Same here, there is too much snow, and it is way too cold!”

4. Look at it this way- Want to change someone's mind about something? Does your friend need an attitude adjustment? Use this phrase to ask someone to think in a different way. Here is my example:
“I don’t understand why you exercise every day. Just eat healthy and exercise less.”
Look at it this way, the more I exercise, the better I feel, and then I can also eat whatever I want!”

5. It could be worse- There is always a postive side to every bad situation. Use this phrase to lighten the mood. Look below for the example:
“Oh no, the weatherwoman says it will rain tomorrow.”
It could be worse, in some parts of the country it is supposed to snow!”

Please share your favorite phrases, or phrases you really don't understand in the comments!