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Learning how to write Thai sentence.

4 months ago
How to write Thai sentences?

Thai sentence likes an English sentence. That is " subject + verb + object".

For example Subject verb object
I love you.
chán rúk khun
ฉัน รัก คุณ
I eat rice.
phóm kin khâaw
ผม กิน ข้าว

Thai verb : มี mii to have
กิน kin to eat
ไป pay to go
มา maa to come
So on

We also use this structure: subject + adjective

For example Subject + adjective
She is beautiful
thəə sǔay

He is smart
khǎaw kèŋ

Note: khǎaw is used for males and females.

Thai adjective: สวย sǔay beautiful
เก่ง kèŋ smart
รวย ruay rich
จน con poor
So on

Good job! I hope this has very useful to everyone.^^
Learning Thai one minute.
See you next lesson.
NOK ^^