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Learning style: Global vs 'hands dirty'

4 years ago
Hello people,

In my experience I have encountered two types of people: those who take a global approach when learning a subject and those who prefer to 'get their hands dirty'.

Global approach:
Global thinkers are those who prefer to see the whole picture before they dive into individual sub-topics. For example, as a global thinker I would prefer to have a quick overview of all 17 (depends how you count them) English grammar tenses before thoroughly going into any one of them.

'Hands dirty' approach:
People with this approach will go straight into the topic without wondering about the general picture. They respond more to practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge and would rather explore a subject "from the inside".

Which approach do you or your students take? For who do you think it's easier to learn a language?

Looking forward to your answers!

PS: Perhaps you know of a better name for the 'hands dirty' approach, I came up with this one myself.
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