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Learning Vietnamese language through most popular stories

3 years ago
Dear greatest learners,
I was asking myself again and again that now I have had students who have learned with me for long time and they have almost learned everything in the books, knowledge which I have known and how to help them improve their language skills. By accident, one of my excellent student asked me to tell him a good story in Vietnamese language about 2 - 3 minutes, then he would practise and tell the story to me again. I was inspired by his idea and in our lesson, I told him one of the most stories in Vietnamese language:'' The Rabit and the Turtle'', which tells about a Rabit and a Turtle in a Marathon race, the Rabit has lost as he was so overconfident and the Turtle has won as he knew that he was slow and he tried to do his best. This popular story have been so popular to the children in Vietnam and to people, students, ....in Vietnam. 
The result is extremely good. My student loved the story so much and he has told his wife and his son the story again and again. I am happy also and I get to know that making students exciting to learn new thing is a great responsibility of the teachers. 

You can see the story : '' The Rabit and the Turtle'' in the video link I attached here.

Thanks for reading my discussion.