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Listening and Speaking activity. Advanced Level. "Generative AI's Impact on the Travel Industry"

4 months ago

Watch the video and answer the questions.
  1. How long has Choice Hotels been using AI?
  2. What is the buzz around generative AI?
  3. What is Choice Max, and what does it do?
  4. What does Brian Kirkland mention about managing hotels using AI?
  5. What is the significance of Choice Edge?
  6. What three companies does Brian Kirkland mention that Choice Hotels encompasses?
  7. What advantages does generative AI offer in terms of integrating another company, such as Wyndham?
  8. What is the focus of Choice Hotels regarding the commercial use of generative AI?

  1. What are some potential benefits and challenges associated with the widespread adoption of AI in various industries, including the travel industry?
  2. How do you think AI will impact the future of work and job roles in different sectors, considering its potential to automate tasks and decision-making processes?
  3. From an ethical standpoint, what are some important considerations and potential risks associated with the use of AI technologies in various aspects of society, including customer experiences and privacy concerns?

Specific to the Travel Industry:

  1. How can AI technologies, such as generative AI mentioned in the text, enhance the overall travel experience for customers? Can you think of specific examples?
  2. In terms of revenue management and decision-making, how can AI tools assist hotels and travel companies in optimizing their strategies and adapting to changing market dynamics?
  3. What are some potential challenges or concerns related to the use of AI in the travel industry, such as data security, algorithmic biases, or the balance between personalization and privacy?
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