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Listening and speaking activity for B1-B2 level "Will June Weather Make or Break US Corn Crops?"

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Watch the video and answer the questions.
  1. How has the dry weather forecast for the U.S. Corn Belt affected corn prices?
  2. What was the price per bushel for CME corn futures in mid-May?
  3. What type of weather conditions are expected in the Central areas of the Corn Belt?
  4. What is the forecast for Iowa and Illinois, the top corn-producing states?
  5. Does June weather significantly impact the U.S. corn crop?
  6. What weather pattern is considered ideal for corn farmers?
  7. Are corn markets sensitive to weather forecasts?
  8. How might traders react to the potential shift in weather patterns?
  9. Aside from weather, what other factors can influence corn prices?
  10. Which month is expected to have the greatest impact on corn prices due to U.S. weather?

  1. How does weather affect farming and agricultural practices?
  2. What role does weather prediction play in farming and crop management?
  3. How do changing weather patterns impact the agricultural industry?
  4. What are the challenges faced by farmers due to unpredictable weather conditions?
  5. How does weather influence the prices of basic food items?
  6. What are some strategies farmers use to mitigate the effects of adverse weather on their crops?
  7. How does climate change affect agriculture and food production?
  8. What are the potential long-term consequences of extreme weather events on food security?
  9. How do farmers adapt to changing weather patterns and climate conditions?
  10. How can technological advancements help in improving weather forecasting for agricultural purposes?