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Listening in English Apps

5 years ago

Listening is the major part of learning a new language, indeed, a good speaker is a good listener. If you want to learn English as a second language, I recommend you to focus a lot on listening, because it’s the first module of learning a language

The 5 Best English Listening Apps

1. Learn English Conversation – Listening & Speaking

The is one of the best apps to learn English conversation, listening and speaking which will help you to improve your English listening. In addition, it contains add-on English dictionary and auto scroll transcript.
  • 8 categories from BBC Learning English Program with audio, transcript, exercise and quiz.
  • Free download to use when you’re offline.
  • Support English Dictionary.
  • Chat with other English learners from all around the world.
  • Auto update new lessons.

2. English Listening and Speaking

This is one the best apps among the 5 best English listening apps which helps you to listen to native speakers and speak English more fluently. This app contains necessary idioms and phrases used in day talk and suitable for all levels from elementary to intermediate and advanced.
  • Hundreds of English conversation and stories with audios and completed transcripts;
  • Common idioms and phrasal verbs in daily conversations;
  • Essay for IELTS;
  • Irregular verbs table with audio supported;
  • English Pronunciation;
  • Names and surnames pronunciation;
  • Recognize and evaluate your pronunciation;
  • Hundreds of listening tests that improve both your listening and vocabulary abilities;
  • Sentence Building Game
  • Vocabulary Building Game
  • Word Chain Game
  • Listen to lessons online/offline;
  • Bookmark lessons.

3. English listening daily

Practice your English listening with this software in a convenient way. The voice from conversations is quite slow. Therefore, you can listen to almost every word in the conversation.
  • English conversation with slow voice.
  • Commonly-used English phrases & vocabularies
  • Easy to store and manage your favourite items
  • Pretty UI, simple and user-friendly, support multi-language
  • Huge amount of audio content
  • Remind learn English
  • Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to practice!
  • Improve quickly listening skills, gain more useful and practical English
  • You can download audio to use OFFLINE.

4. English Listening

The listening audios are recorded very clearly and slowly by professional voice talents using high-quality studio equipment.
  • Fill in the blank listening lessons
  • What is in the picture listening lessons
  • Listening to famous quotes
  • Short Passages listening lessons
  • Sentence Dictation
  • Long Paragraphs

5. English Listening

Each lesson in this app comes with audio, transcript and vocabulary list, which helps you to improve your English grammar, speaking and expand your English vocabulary.
  • Simple English conversation from BBC learning English
  • Learn English at work
  • Daily English we speak
When learning ESL, listening is the first and foremost skill which needs to be concentrated on. If you are a good listener then you will be a good speaker .
If you want more tips, please see me for a trial lesson, or if you want to practice speaking and by extension, listening, definitely sign up for a trial lesson. Hope to see you soon!
Happy Learning!