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Little Prince Edward leads the class!

a year ago
How did he manage to do it?

This five-year old boy is full of curiosity, determined to engage in activities that look interesting to him and loves to share his conversations with me as my Prince Edward. It started out right on the first day I started to give his parents Thai lessons.

He was my echo for anything I said in Thai, sounding everything out, mumbling repeatedly, even though, he was sitting away playing his own toys. Am I his podcast? :)

Show me, show me! His games, Lego creations, his weaving work from recycled plastic.

Share with me, share with me! Banana cakes to eat & some chocolate for me to bring home.

I use my 40x60 whiteboard to expand my horizon for teaching ideas. I draw lines and put words on each box. That’s my style of teaching. I brought the same size of whiteboard for him which he uses it to learn Thai, he wrote everything in exactly my way with lines :)

His Thai pronunciation is clear just like his BBC British accent! He called his daddy with a clear Thai accent!

Just yesterday, while he was reading out loud in Thai, he made a note to himself and to us to “Watch Out!” To go riding on a horse, you need to say it with high tone, otherwise, it sounds like you’re riding on a dog with the rising tone! Hahaha!

Khun yaa kii maa (high tone) maa-haa phom tii rong-rian.
Grandma rides a horse to come-see me at school.

From now on, Prince Edward is our compass for learning Thai!