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make a _____

2 years ago
In English, verbs like make, do, get, take, have, and go do not always have strong meanings, so it's important to remember what words come after them. Words that are usually next to each other are called collocations.

Here are 35 nouns that frequently come after make a. Are any of these collocations new to you? There are certain prepositions that usually come after some of these nouns. Do you know what they are?

make a  difference
make a  decision
make a  list
make a  living
make a  purchase
make a  change
make a  statement
make a  mistake
make a  point
make a  profit
make a  donation
make a  claim
make a  note
make a  payment
make a  copy
make a  choice
make a  reservation
make a  plan
make a  move
make a  call
make a  case
make a  deal
make a  video
make a  name
make a  complaint
make a  contribution
make a  game
make a  commitment
make a  run
make a  request
make a  mess
make a  career
make a  connection
make a  trip
make a  return