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Make your study exciting. Start to watch serials in Russian

5 years ago

Now the Internet gives you big opportunities in this field. You can watch series or videos any time and anywhere. Let's start that the thing that you are going to watch should be really interesting for you. If you like cars, find an auto channel on Youtube. Do you like dramas? Find series on the Internet (by the way, that is the best for learning Russian, because you cannot stop watching one episode, usually you watch the entire season until dawn). But we can recommend the most popular shows in Russia:⠀
🔻Вечерний Ургант. This is a light night show, where you can listen to famous people, learn some news in a positive way and just have fun.
🔻Орёл и решка is a travelling show that you cannot stop watching. They have visited almost all countries in the world and maybe even been in your city!
🔻Кухня is a comedy series about a Moscow restaurant. Good for learning slang words and idioms.
🔻Метод (you can find it on Netflix by the name "The method) is a thriller about a detective and maniacs. Very intrigued.
🔻Мажор (or "Silverspoon" on Netflix) is a mystery as well, but less dramatic.⠀
🔻If you feel that your level is not so good, you can start watching cartoons, like Disney or Kikoriki (Смешарики) on Netflix.⠀

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