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Making the most of what you have and building on it: let’s talk

4 years ago
Maybe you concentrate too much on acquiring what you don't have instead of better using the English you already have and building on that; think about it: Using what you already know is very important. Then, you can keep building up on the known, and up and out into the new while reinforcing and correcting what has been already learnt, using it all along.

A lot of class teaching just keeps throwing new grammar and vocabulary at students, fast, fast, fast! Does that really accomplish anything? Or does it make you run away?

Let’s work on speaking and using what you already know so you can start to communicate in English now.

Speak in class! I will listen, help you along, provide corrections.

Keep talking! I will provide the Grammar explanations, words, expressions, that you need, right when you need them: while you are speaking, trying to express yourself, trying to communicate.

Do you want to be able to speak? Let’s talk!
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