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Mentor Josephan -v- David's Dogma & Atheism

4 years ago

Mentor Josephan -v- David's Dogma & Atheism

I warn you that I am going to shoot you, bang, you are dead, having warned you am I any less culpable for your death in the eyes of the law?

So you warn people your post might not be for the squeamish – in fact except for you disrespecting other’s religious beliefs there was nothing squeamish at all in all you wrote. So you slander the religious beliefs of others (having warned them) and it is OK in David's Dogma.

I often refer to myself as being artistic (though not an artist) and just as often refer to myself as philosophical (though not a philosopher) I never think of or refer to myself as intellectual.

I understand though, you (haughty) Brits are very accustomed to titles that make you think and feel you are this or that, when in fact, you are neither this nor that – we are all exactly as we are perceived by the individual, considering us (my opinion) though I doubt you have any British Title either.)

“Worried” about the sensitivities of others – I certainly am not, I certainly have no regard for your sensitivities regardless if you profess not to have any or you in fact do – I do choose to be respectful of the religious beliefs of others and do not go about flailing my words with no respect and without regard – except, as hereof given the permission to do so.

You are an Atheistic Zealot and you are not agnostic and I’ll offer your own words as proof. I further doubt your claim to being intellectual (as I read and interpret the definition), perhaps the adjective “wannabe,” more closely relates to your reality.

Zealot / TheFreeDictionary:
a. One who is zealous, especially excessively so. b. A fanatically committed person. an immoderate, fanatical, or extremely zealous adherent to a cause, esp a religious one zealous Showing or having enthusiasm: ardent, enthusiastic, fervent, keen, mad, rabid, warm. Informal: crazy. Slang: gung ho, nuts. atheism the absolute denial of the existence of God or any other gods.

In brief, an agnostic does not profess certainty and though you in retrospect professed “not to know,” these of your words imply certainty:
1. “So, if you want to devote your life to praying faithfully to Harry Potter, or to Jesus or to Parameshwara or to Stephen Hawking, then, well, that's your prerogative, but just remember that none of those folks is, in fact, an actual god. Prove that statement for me please! I certainly cannot prove nor disprove it and if someone tells me they were granted a miracle resulting from prayer – I cannot disprove it – nor do I have any desire to disprove it – I have not the ZEAL to.
2. “That you could fail to notice something which is blindingly obvious to everyone else…” Here is another of your bold “intellectual” assumptions that do not hold water. “something which is blindingly obvious to everyone else…” You are asserting “everyone else” agrees with your statement or, I might at least conclude a majority do. But in fact, 93% of the world population believe in a God. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_atheism) Your thinking (as well as mine) is the minority opinion.
3. You further profess “I have no irrational emotional attachment whatsoever to any information, or doctrine or system of beliefs,” it seems to me, you certainly do! You are (in my opinion) a closet Atheist – perhaps among other things (if you get my gist) – Your staunch opinions against the existence of a God are (in my opinion) no different than the dogma of another religion. your religion of No God is expressed in myriad ways, your closet approach seems rather cowardly, in my opinion.
4. “I mean, let's face it: you might, equally validly, label me an "anti-Prince Charles zealot", or an "anti-muscular obesity zealot", or an "anti sole-lunar zealot", or an "anti-plastic-in-the-oceans zealot". I'm no zealot about any of these matters, nor about religious…” Yes, in fact I might, if I had more knowledge as to the amount of zeal with which you pronounce yourself in those areas. But, here is where your haughtiness cannot distinguish between beliefs and arguments of things of the world - and respecting other people’s religion and Faith in a God. You do not believe it so F’ and how they feel. I might add I have no less contempt for "them" that try to stick their religious crap down my throat and given the power I'd not permit evangelizing religion in any manner (just so you understand I am being objective here).
5. You not only disrespect another’s belief’s but you evangelize (Zealously) your Atheism (“but just remember that none of those folks”) that statement is preaching you are encouraging others to follow your beliefs. Your ZEAL in announcing there is no God becomes religion – Satanist outwardly profess themselves – you are (it seems to me) a closet Atheist cloaking yourself as an intellectual expounding your Know-it-all-edness.
6. Now, here again your intellectualism and subjectivity really shines bright: “But what we do all know (if we allow ourselves to know anything at all - if we're willing to weigh up evidence and accept, occasionally, on certain issues, that the balance of probabilities is stacked overwhelmingly in one direction rather than another, if we're willing to be strict with ourselves to avoid inaccurate, wonky assumptions and instead to make good, evidence-based assumptions about observable, knowable phenomena), we all know that IF a supernatural being created our universe, and IF that supernatural being is in any way guiding the course of events on Earth or elsewhere, well, then, that supernatural being is extraordinarily unlikely to be one of the many thousands of mutually-contradictory gods that we humans have made up and written about in our (from the perspective of that supernatural being) silly little books. You and I, as agnostics, know that to be a fact.” In this diatribe, you for the 2nd time state you and I are on the same page – WE MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT – for better or worse, I am not the agnostic you profess yourself to be. I would no more associate my thinking with your agnosticism than I would associate myself with an Evangelical Christian or a terrorist fanatic. Your perspective seems to me – Extreme/Zealous, and though I admit to being a zealous devil’s advocate in these remarks, my intention is only to put a mirror in front of someone that is, to me, seeming too full of themselves.

Thus, my argument you are not agnostic, and more certainly you are a simple disrespectful Atheistic Zealot.

By-the-way, I am a bigot and I own it!

Now, Bean, did I detect some underhanded slight in your reference to me as “homey.” Perhaps you Brits have some idiomatic or slang use of “homey’ I am unaware of.

Do you know to whom or what the term among some Americans “homey” refers? Well, though you might have seen the character Homey, I am certain you have no clue as to the humor intended in the character’s name. In any case, as I do know the word’s origin, you and I are not homies, I am not your homey, you are not my homey, but if I were conversing with a homey I would refer to you as Bean, a character you certainly (stated factually) learned a lot from.

As I stated, I am not intellectual (and you are a wannabe), and you did say this post to which I am commenting on is not for the squeamish, and you asked for a devil’s advocate – and I do so enjoy acting like the devil. I suppose I did not wake up in the mood for worms this morning, felt more like plucking the wings off a fly) - I’ll leave the worms “for the daws to peck at.”

That certainly felt jolly good to me ole bean ole boy, was it as good for you, what smashing intellectual retort will the ole bean come up with - I dare suspect silence and deletion from the bean.

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