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Mentor Josephan's Idiom of The Day #10 - All Thumbs!

5 年前

It would be so unfair to single out one thumb idiom when there are so many, so, here are a few, did I forget any?

1. All thumbs

Awkward; clumsy; bungling:
The visitor almost knocked over a vase and stumbled on the stairs, she seemed to be all thumbs.

2. thumb one's nose

to put one's thumb to one's nose and extend the fingers as a crudely defiant or contemptuous gesture.
to express defiance or contempt; dismiss or reject contemptuously.

3. thumbs down

a gesture or expression of dissent or disapproval:
We turned thumbs down to that suggestion.

4. thumbs up

a gesture or expression of assent or approval.
The Boss gave a thumbs up to my suggestion.

5. under one's thumb

under the power or influence of; subordinate to.If someone is under your thumb, they are completely under your control or influence.
Nobody ever protests. He has the whole group under his thumb.

6. Rule of thumb

a principle that is kept to
a guide that is based on practice rather than theory
a general principle that comes through experience and not any scientific means
a practical and approximate way
1. As a rule of thumb, I do not start a new project on Fridays.
2. A good rule of thumb is to add the ingredients when the water starts to boil.
3. During our boot camp in the jungle, we used to drink a glass of water every two hours as a rule of thumb.
4. Going by the rule of thumb, it would take two hours to compile the data in each of these files.
5. As a rule of thumb, we never went camping near water bodies during the rains.
6. A useful rule of thumb in serving food is that two handfuls make a portion.

7. stick out like a sore thumb

If something sticks out like a sore thumb, it is very obvious or visible in an unpleasant way. The modern building sticks out like a sore thumb among the old houses.

Idiom: a group of words that means something different than the individual words it contains.

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