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Money vs Numbers of lessons

4 years ago

I've noticed that the amount of money a teacher wants to have for a lesson can be very different. It's obvious that it is probably a question of how educated a teacher is (specific qualifications, ...) and how much experience he/she has. And maybe also in which part of the world the teacher lives (Paris is more expensive than New Delhi...)

What do you prefer ?

Paying 10$ for 1 lesson or Paying up to 30$+ for a lesson ?
Better have 3 lesson for 10$ than 1 lesson for 30$ ?

I've been thinking about it for a long time, because to learn a language is a long-term task.
And you'll have so many up and downs in your study progress that you have to manage your money rational.
More money for a lesson = better lesson quality ?
Will I improve my English faster when I have 3x 10$ lessons a week instead of 1x30$+ lesson ?

What do you think ? I'm curios.