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My 5 Fav Phrasal Verbs

2 years ago
Don't you just love Phrasal Verbs.....
Here are 5 of some of my all time favourites.

1 Pop into: To go somewhere briefly.
I'm just going to pop into the bank.
Do you fancy popping into the pub on our way home.

2 Pop over: To go to a person's home for a short period of time
If you're in my city (London) why don't you pop over to see us.
I'll pop over and give you that book we talked about.

3 Bump into: When you unexpectedly meet somebody.
I was doing the shopping when I bumped into your mother.
Last week I was hiking in the mountains when I bumped into an old school friend of mine that I hadn't seen for years.

4 Come across: When you find something you are not looking for.
While we were in Berlin we came across this lovely restaurant that was fantastic.
I came across some old photos of my parents when I cleaned the attic.

5 Put off: Postpone something for a later date.
I can't get to the meeting in time so I think it's better to put it off until next Wednesday.
I'm afraid your teacher is ill so we'll have to put off the exam till next week.