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My Computer is British Now

2 years ago
I am an American, and so is my computer. (Yes I just "personified" my computer)
After a few months in Europe, my computer has decided that I want to speak British English, not American English. I have never been to the England or anywhere in the UK.

Now any time I write it corrects my spelling to British English. Anywhere I write: online, in a word document, email, anywhere!

It may sound harmless, but it makes me question my spelling skills, and notice how many words are spelled differently! Here are a few:

A for American, B for British

realize (A)
realise (B)

color (A)
colour (B)

favorite (A)
favourite (B)

organize (A)
organise (B)

farie (A)
faerie (B)

jewelry (A)
jewellery (B)

Extra credit if anyone knows how this happened or how I can fix it. My documents end up being a strange mix of spellings due to autocrorrect...