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На "ты" или на "Вы"❓❓❓

2 years ago
На "ты" или на "Вы"? In Russian, there are two forms of addressing a person: "ты" and "Вы". It is a mistake to assume that the form "Вы" is considered more formal, and "ты" - more informal. Both forms of address are polite, if you use them correctly.

"ты" we address:
family members
children, including the children we don't know
good friends - to those with whom we agreed to "перейти на ты"

We refer to "Вы" to:
people we just met for the first time
people who are much older than us

In all cases there are exceptions. By default, while we do not know the person, it will be polite to refer to him/her as "Вы". If you feel like you can close the distance because you like each other, want to keep in touch, you're the same age, or just prefer to keep it simple, you can suggest "перейти на ты" with a simple phrase, "Может, на ты?" or “Давай на ты (перейдём)” or “Не против,  если мы будем на "ты?”
Most likely, you will not be refused. But if this happens, do not rush to draw conclusions (that they don’t want to communicate with you, or you don’t like you). Perhaps the person is brought up differently or it is more comfortable for him to keep his distance.

Most often, young people when meeting each other call each other "Вы", but not necessarily. It always depends on a person you are speaking to.

This video is a sample of questions you might hear in both forms "на ты" or "на Вы" when you meet a new person. You could get ready for this now. Enjoy your Russian!