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Hello everyone! I am happy to be here! Welcome everyone to my page!!
I am passionate about learning foreign languages and I really enjoy helping others to learn my native language - Russian. A long time ago I graduated from the Kazakh University of World Languages and International Relations in the beautiful Almaty, Kazakhstan. My major was translation studies, but I would say I love more teaching. I do have experience in teaching languages. I've taught English to Russian speakers for two years and I taught Russian to speakers of different languages for more than four years as a volunteer activity and job too. Now I speak English, Italian, and I learn Spanish.
I believe that learning a language is a creative process.
You are creating a new ability, a new skill that would have to bring something new into your life. With truly learning, you will get there for sure, no matter what aptitude you've got. But not only the results will make you happy, but the process itself is such a joy.
As I am a language learner, I understand the problems one can face learning a new language. I believe I got some solutions. For example, in order to memorize big volumes of language vocabulary, we need to use the power of our mind, make it work for us. We can imagine some eventual situations in very detail where we could use these new words we’ve just learnt and pronounce them aloud several times till we feel comfortable and like how we sound in the target language. And our mind is going to restore it since we made it believe that we'll need it in the future :-) And you will see you learn new words much faster, easier and with the great fun. That is important!!! In our lessons, we also pay attention to language use, idioms, collocations, grammar structures, and sentence structures and I promise that wouldn’t be boring. But we still have to handle all six Russian cases, verb tenses, Russian verbs with numerous prefixes that change the meaning of the verb (just, for instance, говорить, уговорить, приговорить, переговорить, недоговорить, оговорить, заговорить, проговорить, договорить...) and other things that make some people crazy. But it is not that difficult, as it seems to be. That might be “as easy as a pie” in English, or “проще простого” in Russian. And reading! Let's discover together Chekhov, Dostoevskiy or others. You choose! I would be happy to reopen my native language with you since you help me look at it with your foreigner’s eyes and find the things I’ve never thought about.
Thank you! I look toward for new meetings!!!

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2007 - 2008
Italian language
Language school ALCE - Bologna, Italy
Italian language
2002 - 2007
Translation studies
Kazakh University of World Languages and International Relations - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Translation studies. English, Russian languages

briefcaseWork Experience

2011 - 2018
Trade Analyst
Italian Trade Agency, ICE Organization - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Work with Italian enterprises
2009 - 2011
Language teacher
Private language school - Almaty Region
Language teacher of English and Russian as a foreign language

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