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3 years ago
Bonjour à tous les francophones sur Verbling!

Why do you want to learn French? Is it that you're traveling to France for business meetings? Or that you would like to be confident in taking part to a conversation with the locals whilst skying in Chamonix? Or you may be buying a property en Dordogne?

10 years+ of experience teaching one to one in London: Conversations, current affairs, articles, written exercices, prononciation, reading, listening. EVERYTHING is covered and you'll improve in no time while having some fun! 😄

J'accepte de nouveaux étudiants ici après un an de cours intensifs one-to-one à Londres où je vis avec BSL.
Find new positives reviews here: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=reviews+bond+street+languages#lrd=0x4876052cbf17eefb:0x2c67eebec9defb59,1,,,

A très vite.