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Note-taking techniques

5 years ago
What are some techniques or systems that you use when learning new vocabulary?

Do you write down the part of speech? For example; if you have the word 'character'.
Character / noun/
Do you write an example sentence using the new lexical item in context?
Eg: He had a strong character as well as a humble approach.

Do you organize your notebook into sections? For instance, you have a a few pages for Nouns, for Verbs and for adjectives. You could also have a section for expressions and Phrasal verbs.
Having an organized notebook is a key asset in contributing to retaining new language as well as learning how to think in English without always relying on translating.

Another useful resource is to use a Thesaurus which is a dictionary that gives synonyms and antonyms of words. So, instead of immediately translating it is beneficial to first look at other words with the same meaning that you may know. Therefore, continuing to encourage thinking in English.

Do you have any other suggestions or tips to share?