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On The Way to The Moon, Above The Clouds, and In Control of Prepositions

4 years ago

The Comprehensive Prepositions Workbook

Advanced English learners, as well as Native English speakers, have difficulty with prepositions. To add to the preposition quandary, British and American preposition usage can differ, and even within the USA exist regional preposition usage differences. Many of the English learners I come into contact with are frustrated by the thought of touching on prepositions.

As a teaching and writing professional I often must resort to the Google Ngram Viewer to check the frequency of phrases in books that Google has scanned to see what is the more common usage of certain phrases to determine what is considered Standard English. Ok, I might be revealing my age, but in fact, some of the language I learned back in the early 50s is dated.

I originally put this workbook together in 2010 as part of an English 101 manual I wrote for Thai Teachers of English. Well, I've updated the language and the prepositions to what is the most comprehensive list of American prepositions my research revealed to me.

Then, I went the next step; I added a quiz section, that so far has about 110 sentences requiring the learner to select the correct preposition answer. I'm still adding more quizzes.

The work book is in its final stages of editing and review; if you are interested in a free copy, message me as to how you can get it for absolutely Free.

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