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Poles don’t read books! :(

a month ago
This week I have another piece of news for you from the Polski Daily!

In Poland we have quite a lot of sayings, maxims or proverbs about books and reading – for example „don’t judge the book by its cover”, „who reads is never lost” or – my favourite one - „to be a bookworm”! The bookworm is of course someone who „swallows” books, one after another. So to put in other words, the one who reads a lot. I have always considered myself (and I still do!) a bookworm!

But unfortunately, not all of the Poles are like me. National Library report brings rather sad numbers. In 2019 only 39% of Poles declared to have read at least one book. Among the readers, the biggest number of people – 18,4% read only 1-2 books. And when it comes to people reading a lot – 24 books per year or more – this has been declared only by approx. 2,6% of the respondents. The report also says that it doesn’t matter what is the form of the book – Poles treat both ebooks and paper books. 6% of readers (so approx. 2,5% of the whole population) claimed they read ebooks. Listening to audiobooks has been declared by 3% of respondents around the country.

I truly hope that the pandemic and the whole lockdown caused more people grabbing more books. Books are so wonderful!

Cheers! Dominika