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Practice using your Prepositions in English!

6 years ago

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition.

1. Please take care of your sister while I’m out
2. Your story is consistent _____ our reports.
3. Does this record belong _____ anyone?
4. The gunman aimed _____the policeman and then fired.
5. My husband was agreeable _____ my plans for a summer holiday.
6. You’re very careless _____ not locking the house; anyone could walk in.
7. She was bored _____ the tedious conversation and wanted to go home.
8. If you concentrated more _____ your school work, your grades would improve.
9. My mother is confined _____ a wheelchair and doesn't go out very much.
10. She didn’t like flying and was apprehensive _____ making the journey alone.
11. If you can bear _____ me a little longer. I’ll give you all the information at once.
12. You have no choice _____ the matter. You have to do what he says.