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Present Perfect or Past Simple

5 years ago
Hello everybody!
Grammar is so confusing. In this task I had to choose the correct item (A-C) to complete the text. The thing is that I have no idea which one to put in the 18th.
Could you please help me?
Cycling is something that I (13) ___________ doing since I (14) _________ a child, but, to be honest, I (15) _________ for years now. As far as I remember, I (16) _________ some of the most exciting holidays of my life cycling in the mountains. The worst thing was when it (17) __________ non-stop for ten days. Except for that disastrous holiday, all the others (18) ________ great.
13 A had always loved B have always loved C always loved 14 A have been B had been C was 15 A haven’t been cycling B didn’t cycle C wasn’t cycling 16 A have had B had C was having 17 A had rained B rained C were raining 18 A have been B were C had been
P.S.: I have put 13 B (have always loved), 14 C (was), 15 A (haven’t been), 16 A (have had???), 17 B (rained) 18 it might be A or B I am not sure