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Problems with Verbling when installing new devices

3 years ago
Hi everyone!

My laptop is quite small so I decided to add a bigger screen. From that moment, Verbling connection started to fall constantly. It was so annoying, therefore I finally uninstalled the second screen and continue forcing my eyes ๐Ÿ˜–

One of my students is struggling a lot with the connection lately due to the installation of a second screen in her computer. In my opinion, this is quite inconvenient because nowadays many people need to work with 2 screens or with bluetooth devices. I find inconceivable and outdated that an online learning platform is not adapted to these devices. My student was very upset and she is thinking about leaving Verbling because, obviously, she is not going to unplug her screen each time she has a lesson in Verbling.

Anyone else experiencing issues when plugging new devices to your computer? What about bluetooth earphones, why is it impossible to use them? Is there any tip?