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Random Sink Holes and Volcanoes Blowing their Tops

5 years ago
After living in China for more than three years and living abroad for more than 8 years, I find myself in a strange conundrum... becoming more and more superstitious.

When most people think of superstitions from China, they might be quick to point out numerology or plays on words... like the number 4 being unlucky due to the homophone of the Chinese word for four 四 [ (si) with a sharp falling tone ] and the word for death 死 [ (si) with a slight falling and sharp rising tone. ]

These homophones have different tones, but according to Chinese superstitions, one can't be too cautious when it comes to matters of life and death!

Speaking of matters of mortality and the future of the planet...

As we all know (but some can scarcely wrap their liberal heads around), Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Whether you like/love him or hate him with a deep, dark burning passion, he still remains the President until he is either removed from office by impeachment or another person is elected President in 2020. (I'm hoping for the latter outcome!)

But, can recent omens point to an unexpected future for the President and the Trump Presidency?

Well, perhaps, if you are superstitious like me.

One of Trump's most powerful political slogans happens to be 'DRAIN THE SWAMP.' Or, in other words, get rid of the establishment politicians that have supposedly been siphoning off Public Funds for their own benefit and personal gain. (Good Luck with that!)

Weirdly enough, a small, but growing, sinkhole has appeared on the White House north lawn.

I kid you not... just Google it! Or, click the link below!


Instead of immediately filling in the sinkhole with soil and moving on with life like normal human beings, traffic cones and caution tape were used to cordon off the area and eventually a plastic sheet was placed over the sinkhole to prevent snoopers from getting snaps of the gaping horror!

As a part-time gardener and lawnscaper, I'm not sure that this 'cover-up' will actually solve the problem of the sinkhole... it may give the Trump Presidency a temporary respite from the backlash of the media, but will not hide the fact that there is a growing sinkhole in the FREAKING WHITE HOUSE LAWN!

Perhaps, due to funding cuts at the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there was no one available to do an 'environmental impact study.'

If I were to take a Chinese perspective, then I would have to rate this sinkhole as a very dangerous omen for the Trump administration. Very dangerous indeed.

Let's hope that Robert Mueller (and crew) wrap up their investigation of the 'hacking of the 2016 election by Putin' as soon as possible and put all the blame on a scapegoat like Hillary Clinton or something... I mean she did concede the election to Trump, so 'winners keepers, losers weepers?'

Okay, I'm just trying to get swampy mudslingers riled up! Don't take it seriously... Verbling isn't the Facebook.

Trying to drain the swamp has led the 'swamp' to fight back against the drainers... literally AND figuratively. (Washington D.C. was built on a swamp and sinkholes happen to be quite common phenomenon after large rain-events)

In other news...

Let's not forget that the Kuna volcano in Hawai'i has blown off its top, destroyed dozens of illegal settlements with overflowing lava and now threatens a geothermal power plant that provides up to 25% of Hawaii's electricity needs. Yikes!

Although the scale of the disaster is not as large as a hurricane or earthquake, the volcano seems to be just warming up and shows no sign of abatement. Perhaps we will need to evacuate the whole big-island if it gets too rumbly-tumbly!

1. Could this volcano's flows be linked to the failings of the Trump administration? If so, then how?

2. Are these omens the signs of things to come? How do you think the Trump administration will respond to 'SwampGate'?

3. Do you believe in the links between natural events, supernatural powers and politics?

4. Am I just drawing lines between totally unrelated events? (or am I trolling?)

5. Can you explain these events in scientific terms?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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