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Reasons to learn Spanish

3 years ago
The students that I had during my career as a teacher recognize the importance of speaking another language to improve their cognitive, social and emotional skills.
Spanish, as I mentioned in my presentation video, represents being able to communicate with more than 350 million people, this being the third most spoken language on the planet.
That is why here you have three of the main reasons why I consider that learning Spanish is one of the best investments of your life.

1. The cultural legacy it provides: The history that is told in Spanish-speaking peoples from Europe, the United States, and Latin America is very large. Just take a tour of any of these countries to understand how rich in culture this language has.

2 It is a romantic language, this makes phonetic pronunciation sound pretty nice to hear someone expressing themselves in this language.

3 Spanish speakers are very eloquent; Of course, each person's personality is unique in each person; However, a common denominator among people who speak this language is that they tend to be very charismatic when they hear their native language speak to a foreigner. This will surely also give you confidence in learning this language so that you can express yourself in a pleasant way with the natives of each country you visit.

Do you have any more reason to learn Spanish?
Let me know.