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Russian: Introduction to Conjugation

2 years ago
✓ What's Conjugation?
✓ What is an Infinitive Form of a Verb?
✓ Russian Personal Pronouns (Singular, Plural)
✓ Short Note on Russian Genders
✓ Conjugate the Verbs "Говорить", "Слушать", "Слышать"
How Can you Remember the Conjugation Better?
✓ Site where you can find / check conjugation of Russian verbs

If you’re a Beginner in Russian, it’s more important for you to see and understand the patterns in conjugating Russian verbs. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes at this point, be more afraid of not speaking at all! At the same time, it’s important to make this process automatic in your head, so that you don’t think of the form you need when speaking Russian. For that, I strongly recommend the following technique:

👆 Read the conjugation of a new verb together with personal pronouns 3 to 5 times, don’t strive to memorize it, just read it thoughtfully, paying attention to the patterns. Then close it and try to write it down, in the same order. After you’re done, compare what you’ve written to the correct conjugation. Take a note about your mistakes and try again. When you see that you can easily write that conjugation, move on to the next verb. Once you see that you’re pretty confident with conjugating the new verb, write down both of them by memory, and so on.
❗️ It's just a mechanical thing, but it WORKS GREAT!

Pay special attention to the stress, that sometimes jumps from one part of a verb to another. Also, try to not confuse the verbs слУшать (= to listen) и слЫшать (= to hear), which is a common mistake for R learners, who may say ‘слЫшаю’ instead of ‘слЫшу’, or ‘слУшу’ instead of ‘слУшаю’.

It’s important to not force yourself to memorize conjugation to stay motivated.
It’s important to read the conjugation thoughtfully because it keeps you focused.
It’s important to write it down on paper with your own hand, and not just type it, because with that, you’re also activating your motor memory.
And when you’re making mistakes that you didn’t expect, you’re actually also helping yourself, because at that moment, you’re engaging your emotions in the process, and they let you remember things even better.
So, welcome your mistakes!