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So when exactly are single lessons coming back?

a month ago
Hello everyone. So, I've been on Verbling since chat room days (2014) and started using it seriously over the pandemic. I've done a few hundred lessons on the platform (mostly during the last 2 years). I noticed recently that I cannot book a single lesson. This is very frustrating as I am studying a new language and need to try out different teachers before I settle on purchasing a bundle. I like to try at least 2-3 single lessons before I commit as i'd have to purchase and feel awkward about cancelling a lesson afterwards as some teachers interpret that as me not liking them or wanting to use them in the future. This move feels so messed up by Verbling, it's extremely disappointing. I sent them an email already and saw someone else did but their response was somewhat dismissive. When is the trial period over? Now I have to use Italki for my new language so I can try to find a teacher but it's annoying switching between both platforms sometimes.