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Some vs. Any

7 months ago
Can I give you SOME advice or ANY advice? Which is correct? Confused, let's dive deeper!

ANY is generally used when we ask questions.
Do you have ANY pets?

Exceptions being:
1. When we offer something
"Would you like some coffee?"
2. When we are suggesting something
"Let me give you some recommendations for the best restaurants in your neighbourhood."
3. When we are asking FOR something
"Could I have some ketchup please?"

SOME is generally used in POSITIVE sentences.
"Let me give you some advice!"

ANY is generally used in NEGATIVE sentences.
"You don't want any advice?"

"I have SOME information for you about the stock market"
"I don't have ANY information for you about ..."

"We met SOME friends for drinks yesterday."
"I didn't meet ANY friends yesterday."

"I think I will have SOME time to speak to you today."
"I don't think I will have ANY time to speak to you today."

We also use SOME with un-countable nouns
"She wants SOME acknowledgement for the work that she has done."
“I spilt SOME water on the floor."

We use ANY with countable nouns
"He didn't use any of those plates yesterday"
"Do you have any clothes that I could borrow"

DON'T USE SOME or ANY with SINGULAR NOUNS they use articles instead (a, an, the).
Do you have an apple? Do you have ANY apples
Could I suggest a quicker route? Could I suggest some quicker routes?
Could I borrow the umbrella for a moment? Could we borrow some umbrellas for a moment?

Give it a go yourself and let me know in the comments if this helped you at all!


Rachel x