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Spanish sayings that we say a bit differently

5 years ago
Hello! I am an American living in Spain! I also speak Spanish. So naturally, I get a lot of native Spanish-speakers on here. I also have friends in Spain who practice their English with me. This means I get a little window onto some common errors made and why they're made. Here's a list of things that we just don't say in the same way in English.

- Saying you want to "repeat that." In Spanish here in Spain, when you have a really good time hanging out with your friends, you often say that you want to repeat it. So you tell your friends something like "oh Friday was so much fun! We have to repeat that!" Well in English, we just don't say it that way. You of course could say it, but you won't find a native speaker phrasing it like that. Instead we say "Oh we have to do it again sometime!"
- Saying something is "impossible" in regards to plans. This word exists in both languages. In Spanish, if you say can't meet up with someone for a drink or can't do something, you say it's "impossible." However in English, we just don't say it like that. I mean, you could say it, but you won't find a native speaker saying it. Instead we say "I'm unavailable" or "I can't go."
- Calling grown men boys. In Spanish, chico is used for both boys and men. However in English, it's weird to call an adult a boy. Instead, you say guy.

I know there are many more. They always come to me at random. Can any of you think of some things that you just do say "that way" in English?