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Spanish verbs with prepositions

3 years ago
Some verbs in spanish need to go with a preposition to "complete" their sense.

For example,

Acordarse de (To remember to)
Acostumbrarse a (To get used to)
Dirigirse a (To speak to)

Some sentences with these examples are:
Acordarse de pasear al perro (To remember to take the dog for a walk)
Me acostumbre a hacerlo así. (I got used to do it that way)
Dirigirse a los invitados. (To speak to the guests)

Remember not to omit these prepositions or the sentence will lose a lot of its sense!
Here is a list of a few verbs that go with a preposition https://www.profedeele.es/actividad/gramatica/verbos-con-preposiciones/

Let me know if you have any doubts, I'd be glad to help!